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There are so many aspects to consider when embarking on a construction venture. It is extremely important that your project team is organized and efficient. Expert design and management are key priorities for Brite Builders Inc. Consequently, we organize our projects into three distinct phases: 


Scheduling a complimentary consultation is the first step of your project. One of our certified consultants will meet with you at your home or business. We will take in to account your ideas and goals, as well as your budget. Our consultants are knowledgeable in Massachusetts building code and can also offer design solutions. Within several days of this consultation, we will create a proposal for your review.



Once you approve your proposal, you can choose the products, i.e. appliances and fixtures, you would like for you project. Our project managers will work with you and offer product advice and design ideas. Once the complete design plan is set and items are purchased, we can move on to the most critical part of the project.




A project manager will be assigned to your project. They will supervise on site to ensure all work is performed to the highest standard. Your project manager from the design phase will remain with you throughout the rest of your project. If there are any problems at all, they will see that they are solved quickly and efficiently. As with all construction, you may decide after Implementation phase is initiated that you want to alter the design plan or request additional items. We expect these changes and will accommodate them.

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